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Holidays in Karpenisi

Karpenisi is a city resting in the lap of Velouchiou, of ancient Tymfristos, at an altitude of 960 meters, full with firs, well protected from the strong winds that whipped the top. Karpenisi, a city that has a lot to tell to visitors, carrying on the backs live history. Holiday in Karpenisi will help you learn about the city, which through its own hardships and adventures distinguished for its offer in Greece.

Thinking of anything better? Beautiful city, charming villages, easy access, spectacular nature, fantastic ski resort accompanied with high standard accommodation in Karpenisi. Enjoy your holidays in Karpenisi just like thousands of visitors who come to enjoy the ski center, taverns, the stylish bars, the multitude of accommodation options in hotels and the pristine nature of Euritania, mountaineering, rafting, canyoning, trekking and other activities in an area untouched by industrialization, which was proclaimed by UNESCO in 1991 as one of the cleanest areas of the ecosystem on the planet.

Take advantage of your vacation in Karpenisi and discover all the tall mountains (Velouchi, Agrafa, Chelidona, Kaliakouda, Panaitoliko, Neraidovouni), with the rivers (Karpenisiotis, Trikerioti, Achelous, Agrafiotis, Tavropos, Krikelopotamos), with the canyons (Pantavrechi Black Cave , Vothona, Viniani, Krenti), with the quaint villages, lakes, monasteries, bridges and a thousand other sightseeing that will be revealed before your eyes like paintings.

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