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Holidays in Evritania

Our hotel in Karpenisi, Archontiko Maria's was built at the birthplace of the family Tassios, in Klafsi Evritanias, just 6km from the city of Karpenisi. Has panoramic views over the River Karpenisioti, the Little Village and very good access to all the sightseeing of the region. Your holiday in Evritania will remain memorable while our luxury suites offer high quality of facilities and very good prices.


Athens - Karpenisi 295 km
Thessaloniki - Karpenisi 370 km
Lamia - Karpenisi 75 km
Agrinio - Karpenisi 110 km
Karpenisi - Ski resort 12 km


During your vacation in Evritania you can discover many sightseeing near Karpenisi and more farther. We chose some of them:
The bridge of Manolis
Limni Kremaston
Hill Agiou Dimitriou
Monastery of Proussu
Monastery of Tatarnas

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